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Buy to Let Insurance

We’ve been working with local property owners, both residential and commercial, for many years. At Heath’s, we pride ourselves on making protecting your property simple, by advising you on a range of Buy to Let Insurance options to suit your circumstances. We also offer cover for up to £10m property owners’ liability cover and protection for several different properties.

As someone who rents out a property, you may question the importance of having Buy to Let insurance if your tenants have their own contents cover. They may pay a security deposit and be responsible for making sure that the property doesn’t suffer any great cosmetic damage, but it’s ultimately your responsibility to maintain the building itself.

If some major damage occurs in your property, if a pipe bursts, if there’s a flood or fire, it’s usually the landlord that has to pay the bill. Repairs for even a burst pipe could be up to thousands of pounds, and a flood or fire could destroy your property. By taking out the right insurance, you protect your property, and the income you receive from renting it out. Buy to Let insurance can protect you from costly leaks, storms, subsidence and vandalism.

What your policy covers depends on the level of cover you’ve taken out. When you take out insurance, consult an insurance expert or go through a broker is a great way to make sure you’re fully covered from all possible eventualities. If you like, you can get landlord insurance just for a building, or if you lease a part-furnished property out, you can tailor your cover to include some contents. Did you know that if a tenant is injured on your property, you may be held responsible? You can customise your level of cover to protect you in this instance.

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