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When arranging home insurance cover, many make the mistake of requesting cover for the market value of their property. This can give you more, or potentially less, cover than you need. At Heath Insurance, we help you to assess the re-building costs for your home to ensure that you have a suitable level protection to make sure you’re covered if something terrible were to happen.

Having a combined building and contents package can give you great cost savings. Many of the policies that we recommend carry blanket sums insured, giving the average household more than average cover.

Heath home insurance comes with £1m buildings and £85,000 contents cover as standard. Need more? Ask about our special High Net Worth client service.

Accidental Damage
Some household insurance policies cover for accidental damage, however, there are often stringent restrictions on claims. If you would like Accidental Damage cover added onto your policy, please let one of our advisors know. One of our friendly team will discuss go over your requirements and assess the best level of protection for you.

Special Items Insurance
Homes that have a high net worth often need specialist insurance and protection. If you’re looking for this kind of protection, your Heath Account Manager will be able to advise you on the best option so that your home has a comprehensive level of cover. There are many specialist home policies available, for example, that remove many of the restrictions found in many home policies, such as the need to activate an alarm when leaving your property or retiring for the evening.

Buy to Let Insurance
Many people are now investing in second properties. If you were thinking of letting your property, you will require a different type of insurance cover than standard home insurance, depending on the tenants.

Student lettings, DSS lettings and holiday homes all require vastly differing levels of cover, which can make the process fairly complicated. Pay one of our expert advisors a visit, and they will advise on the best policy to suit your property and your tenants. Own a number of properties? We have special discounts available if your properties are insured on a single policy.

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