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Pet Insurance

Many price comparison sites offer a range of pet insurance cover options for cats, dogs, rabbits and horses. Some people may take out the cheapest option given, then have to pay extortionate excesses (many include a one-off fee and a percentage of the treatment), or for some medical care themselves. Some pet insurers pay the vet direct, so your pet is covered even if you don’t have enough cash to fund their treatment immediately.

At Heath Insurance Services, we ask you some basic information about your pet and their medical history, then shop our panel of insurers to find a great level of cover at a price you can afford. You also have the option of choosing between different types of cover. When it comes to pet insurance, you usually have the option of two main cover options:

Annual Cover Lifetime Cover
  • Tends to be cheaper.
  • Can be useful if you only want cover to provide treatment, for example, for a specific one-off illness or accident.
  • The policy lasts for 12 months and then expires. If your pet then needs longer-term treatment, it won’t be covered after the policy expires. You then need to declare any pre-existing conditions when getting another policy. Pre-existing conditions are rarely covered under the standard terms of pet insurance policies.
  • Can be more expensive, but is usually a safer option.
  • Useful if you have a pet that may need ongoing treatment.
  • Peace of mind of knowing that you’ll always have cover in place. Lifetime cover is renewed each year and will cover your pet for ongoing illnesses, including asthma and arthritis.

The level of cover included in each option varies depending on the provider you choose. If you’re unsure about what your policy covers, call one of our friendly insurance experts who are always happy to help.

Did you know? As of 6th April 2016, you need to have your dog microchipped by law.

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